how to go to istanbul

How to reach istanbul from other cities and Abroad

Istanbul is a favorite city for the travvellers. Who is travel to europe and the border neighbor countries of Turkey the prefer to travel to Istanbul first. Because Istanbul has Flight, bus, train,ferry connection with all local cities and some neighbor countries. How can we travel to Istanbul and domestic travel how do I need to travel? this questions make your brain busy all the time. Bus dont worry travel inland Turkey or travel to Turkey from abroad is realy not that much difficult

How Can I travel to Turkey from My country?

Turkey has a big travel connection with many countries around the world. At least You can find Turkish airlines flight from your country or neighbor Country so that will be an option For you travel to Turkey by flight. Also closer Countries like europe some of them has bus link to Turkey as Germany, Bulgaria, Greece etc. Some sie side countries has also Ferry link to Turkey that is another option for you to travel to Turkey. Train travel possible from afew country as greece, Iran etc. bust not so recommended way

Travel by flight to Istanbul or from Istanbul

As we mentioned obove Turkey has bg flight link with many countries. At least Turkish airline which is national Airlines of Turkey has at least one flight to Istanbul everyday from your country or neighbor cuntries. Also travel by flight in Turkey is an option for visiting many destinations as Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya, Ephesus, Bodrum, Fethiye Ankara, Trabzon etc. Also those destnat,ons has flight to Istanbul often and flights are arriving and departing from The airports below

  • Istanbul New Airport
  • Sabiha Gokcen airport Istanbul

Once you arrive in airport you need transportation to your Hotel or from your Hotel to Airport. If you arrange your ransportation a head that will make your trip comfortable. If you didnt arrange that may time more time and money so we recomend you to book your airport transfer a head

Regarding booking your international or domestic flight to istanbul or from istanbul you can contact to a local Travel agency and get better rates and much secure.

Travel to Istanbul by bus

Travel to Istanbul from any city in Turkey will be very easy. Because all cities has bus link to Istanbul or from istanbul to any cities. But this buses need to be booked a head on the season. You can find example bus destinations from abroad to Turkey

  • Bus from Athens to Istanbul
  • Bus from Sophia to Istanbul
  • Bus from Tiflis to Istanbul

Covid 19 Periot

Because of covid 19 periot not all bus companies exept reservation only so beter for you to secure your seats a head you can contact to busticketline that will solve your problem

For more informtions you can contact to

Travel to Istanbul By Ferry

Feery link not much between another country and Turkey. From a few country you can find ferry connection to Turkey

Once you arrive any port in Turkey for travelling to Istanbul you can catch bus or Flight that will be recommended. Some countries has direct ferry link to Istanbul too.

In direct ferries possible from Greek islands and Northern cypris. Ferries from greek island to Turkey routes re as below

  • Ferry from Rhodes to Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye
  • Ferries from Samos to Kusadasi
  • Ferries from Kos to Cesme

Once you arrive the above ports then you can catch Domestic flight or bus to Istanbul

Travel to Istanbul by Train

International trains only possible from greece to Istanbul and domestic train routes are as below. In Turkey trains are not so recommended way of travel. Trains are old and late

  • Athens to Istanbul
  • Ankara to Istanbul
  • Izmir to Istanbul

Head booking required some time of the year such a religion Holidays and national holidays

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