How to do? what to do? in Istanbul

Istanbul has many places to see and enjoy. Firstly the museums, Mosques, Cultural shows, and ofcourse night life. Very busy city and also that much enjoyable too. For visiting istanbul there are some ways to make your visiting easier. How can you visit istanbul easier?

How to visit historical sights?

Istanbul has many interesting museums, palaces, mosques and squears to see. Firstly we must start to choice accomodations location ofcourse. For example if you choose an accomodation in Sultanahmet where the mainly museums, mosques, and palaces are located, Then you can visit those places by walking. Entrance of this places are very busy so if you go earlier ou have more chance to have ticket and dont need to wait under sun shine for a long time. Accommodation in sultanahmet gives you this benefits.

Secondly we have to check the close day of the museums and according to that we have to plan the day in istanbul.

After checking the close list we make our plan and choose the places close each other. At the end of day if you are planing to go any places as Night Club, Restaurant, Culturel show etc. Last visiting place of the day we can choose closer one to planing to go venue. This will save you time and also you will not use twice transportation to there. Self visiting will take longer time then a guided tour ofcourse. Probably best and easier way will be joining a budget guided tours. That case your will not loose time for entrance fees tickets and plus you will get a guiding services.

Do I have to Join Guided tour in istanbul?

Ofcourse you dont have to join a guided tour. Because all important visiting places are close by eachother you can visit your own too. But if you want to visit easier and without worry Guided tour can be a good option for you. In Istanbul there are many companies making guided tours or selling with realy reasonable prices. even if you visit yourself you will spend that money but it has advantage of guiding, No ticket queue waiting, and easy transportation these are your benefits from the guided tours

If you are not familiar with a group and you want to visit your own there is another option can be done for you. You can hire a tourist guide daily who will arrange your entrance tickets and inform you about everything of the city life and history that maybe more helpfull for you. you can find a daily city tourist guide from this link or Contack a Local Travel Agency and ask them. You will get better price and better guide

What else you can do besides historical sights

Well in istanbul there are many things to do for enjoying the day. Here are some of them for you.

  • You can do full or half day bosphorus cruise
  • You can join daily Bursa tour
  • Daily Troy tour
  • Daily Sapanca Tour
  • Daily Sile Agva tour
  • Daily Ephesus tour by flight
  • Daily Pamukkale tour by flight

Maybe you can do Cappadocia tour daily but at least you nee 2 days 1 Night in Cappadocia so that is not good idea daily. Because you can not see all cappadocia, you can not do hot air balloon tour etc.

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