How to spend time in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is well known a world heritage listed place in Turkey. There are natural beauty and rich mineral thermal pools very well known.

Once you arrive in Pamukkale and check in to you Hotel. it is very easy to visit this hierapolis and thermal pools. But Pamukkale is not only the traverteens. There are more places to see and those places are a way from the Pamukkale village. Some of them are magnificently preserved Necropolis, the main Street and Gates, the thermal Baths, the devil’s hole, and masterpiece theater and Aphrodisias. Those places are away from the village and hard for you to go those places because there is no transportation link for some of them. For visiting Pamukkale in 1 Day time usually people joining daily budget tours and they can visit easly all those places with tourist guide

Do I have to join a day tour?

Well you dont have to Join a guided tour is you have 2-3 days time in the region. But if you are out of time then better you join a guided tour. Guided tour to Pamukkale will give you benefit for saving time and comfort.

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Tourist guides in Pamukkale

Listed hotels in Pamukkale

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