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Which places you can visit in Marmaris

The best time to visit; Marmaris, which has hot summers and mild winters, is suitable to be visited every month of the year. However, the months of April-October can be preferred for summer vacation. I would also like to remind you that July and August are the busiest months.

Old Bazaar

When you come to Marmaris, the small holiday resort, if you want to remember this beautiful place for yourself and the people you love, it is unlikely that you will not fall into the Old Bazaar, which was built by influencing the architectural design of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Why Should I Go? You can spend a few hours in the historical Old Bazaar. However, we have to say that the counterfeit products are quite high in the market and the prices are quite expensive. However, if you try, it is possible to come across shops selling special products.

Don’t miss out! You can enjoy tastings by joining the crowd in front of the shops selling authentic and local products. While you are here, do not return without buying citrus jam and famous Marmaris honey!

Marmaris Casstle

B.C. There is a belief story that it was built by the Ions in 1044 and later renovated by Alexander the Great. In 1522, it was renewed and expanded during the period of Suleiman the Magnificent before the Rhodes expeditions. However, the castle, which was cannonballed by the French navy during World War I, suffered considerable damage. For this reason, it was restored again in the 1990s.

Why Should I Go? There are 2 archeology galleries and one ethnography gallery inside. The remaining parts of the castle are used as art galleries and storage. Archeology department; Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine pieces, pottery and glassware, coins and ornaments found in excavations in Knidos, Hisarönü and Burgaz are exhibited.

In the ethnography part; Textile works, rugs, furniture, copper kitchen utensils, weapons and ornaments belonging to the Ottoman period are presented to the visitors.

Don’t miss out! Marmaris Castle is located in the city center and remains popular among the places to visit. Do not forget to take a photo by going to the castle, which has the most beautiful view of Marmaris!

Turgut Watwerfall

Turgut Waterfall, flowing from a height of four meters in Turgut Village, has not only one but many different waterfalls in the region that is cool even in summer. The waterfall, which has become a haunt of visitors with its ice-cold water and lush nature, is suitable for you to visit in all seasons.

Don’t miss out! If you come to Turgut, you can visit the carpet shops and watch how the carpets that are woven live are made and even buy them. I say don’t return without eating trout in the restaurants here!

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