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which places you need to visit in Fethiye

Once you arrive in Fethiye you may not know interesting to do things we will try to help you about the interesting doing list of Fethiye. You may do visiting the places below and activities

Knight island

Knight Island, one of the beauties that Fethiye has, is a belief and a settlement that has always been interesting throughout its history. The island is named after the Knights of Rhodes lived here and they built a castle here.

The island, which is a very important place, is an extension of Telmessos Bay and offers many activities for its guests. Among them; nature walks, canoe rides, historical buildings, visiting underwater houses are included. It stands out not only with its shores, but also with camping and picnic opportunities. In addition to summer houses, there are also hotels suitable for all levels.
How to Reach Knight Island;

It is located 1.4 miles from the center of Fethiye and there are bus services. You can get from both Calis and Fethiye center. Boat and bus tours, which are frequently used in summer, are organized around the clock.

Toparlar Waterfall

Located in the Köyceğiz district of Muğla, the Yüklar Waterfall is located in the neighborhood between Köyceğiz and Akkaya. While you are on the route on the highway, you turn off the waterfall sign on the right and proceed for 1 kilometer, then get off the vehicle and reach the waterfall by walking for about 15 minutes.

Toplarlar Waterfall Fethiye

Pinara Antique City

According to the ancient writer Stephanus, with the increase of the population in Xanthos, the elders unified and founded a city at the top of Mount Kragos and named it Pinara. The name Pınara means round, and the fact that the finds in the city are in a real round shape gives reality to this event.

The ancient city, which is named as Pinale in the Lycian inscriptions, has today taken from Pinara, a village close to the city. In Pınara, which has three voting rights in the Assembly of the Lycian Union, the rock tombs carved into lace on the slopes of the steep slope from the acropolis are interesting.

As the upper acropolis section was insufficient, the lower acropolis was opened for settlement in order to make transportation easier. The fact that it is steep without a passage here makes it easy to build a terrace and to support it with city walls.

You can walk through the city by entering through the south gate of the wall, as well as the Odeon, which has its back to the skirts, and the agora in the flat area in front of it.

In the lower part of the lower acropolis, the water source and the surrounding city are heavily destroyed by the earthquake that took place in ancient times and the tombs carved into the rocks draw attention. Most of these rock tombs are in the form of houses and the reliefs on the pediment and in the ante wall are important.

The subject of the reliefs is a city surrounded by water. For this reason, there is a predominant thought that the tomb relief belongs to the press of the city. There is a Roman bath ruin that you can see in many cities of the Lycian Region, which is outside the city walls of the acropolis.

Another building outside the city walls is the theater, which is located opposite the acropolis and the bathhouse and leaned against the natural slope. You should definitely visit the city where you can see the traces of the Hellenistic Period due to its plan and location!

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